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This study is a phonetic description of intonation in Cameroon English, a postcolonial variety of English. Its focus is on the usage of specific tones, paratone and the intonational marking of the information status in discourse.

Two main descriptive frameworks are used, namely the Discourse Intonation and the Auto-Segmental Metrical : Yves Talla Sando Ouafeu. Intonational Meaning in Cameroon English Discourse: A Sociolinguistic Perspective, by Yves Talla Sando Ouafeu This book first published Cambridge Scholars Publishing 12 Back Chapman Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2XX, UK British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library.

This study is a phonetic description of intonation in Cameroon English, a postcolonial variety of English. Its focus is on the usage of specific tones, paratone and the intonational marking of the information status in discourse.

Two main descriptive frameworks are used, namely the Discourse Intonation and the Auto-Segmental Metrical frameworks. It will, first of all, revisit the intonational highlighting or marking of information in Cameroon English discussed in Ouafeu (): Intonational Meaning in Cameroon English Discourse: A Sociolinguistic Perspective; and Ouafeu () in English World-Wide 28(2): before, secondly, delving into some intonational phenomena in Cameroon English.

Also investigated Author: Yves Talla Sando Ouafeu. An Experimental Approach to the Interpretation of Focus in Spoken English By W.

Wells This chapter reports an experiment which was run with the aim of providing an empirically-derived basis for a definition of focus, in terms of its semantic reality for the native speaker and in terms of its phonological and syntactic exponents in the.

by Daniel Buring / / English / PDF. and introduces the details of current formal analyses of prosodic structure, relevant aspects of discourse structure, intonational meaning, and, most importantly, the relations between them.

This wide-ranging book involves aspects of phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, and. As for how Cameroon English speakers acoustically implement the intonational Intonational meaning in Cameroon English discourse book of new and given information, the findings further reveal that they make more use of intensity and duration than of other acoustic parameters like high pitch accent (H*), findings which are somewhat dissimilar to those documented in native varieties of English whereby the most obvious acoustic correlate of new information in discourse is the high pitch accent (H*).

PDF | Intonation refers to a combination of acoustic parameters, including duration, intensity, and pitch used to communicate discourse meaning. | Find, read and cite all the research you need on. Message 1: Intonational Meaning in Cameroon English Discourse: A sociolinguistic perspective; Date: May From: Yves Talla Sando Ouafeu Subject: Intonational Meaning in Cameroon English Discourse: A sociolinguistic perspective Institution: Universitaet Freiburg im Breisgau Program: Phonology and sociolinguistics Dissertation Status:.

Intonational meaning in Cameroon English discourse: a sociolinguistic perspective. Goettingen: Cuvillier Verlag The Naughty Princess is an opéra bouffe with music by Charles Cuvillier, book by J. Hastings Turner, and lyrics by Adrian Ross.

Intonational Meaning in Cameroon English Discourse: A Sociolinguistic Perspective Apr 1, by Yves Talla Sando Ouafeu Hardcover. This book discusses the morphological properties of intonation, building on past research to support the long-recognized relationship between the functions and meanings of discourse particles and the functions and meanings of intonation.

Results show that, unlike speakers of some other non-native varieties of English, Cameroon English speakers make new information more prominent than given information in the discourse structure. Sidner, C. L., Towards a computational theory of definite anaphora comprehension in English discourse, PhD thesis, MIT ().

Also appears as TRMIT AI Lab. Google Scholar Digital Library Gussenhoven, C. The morphological status of intonation has been debated for decades, and this book provides evidence from the literature combined with new and compelling empirical evidence to show that specific intonational forms correspond to specific segmental discourse particles.

English has particularly wide pitch range. In each tone unit, the pitch movement (a rise or fall in tone, or a combination of the two) takes place on the most important These patterns of pitch variation are essential to a phrase's meaning. Changing the intonation can completely change the meaning.

British Council, Cameroon. Add new. He is the author and editor of 5 books including A Grammar of Spoken English Discourse, London: Continuum, His recent work examines differences between language as process and product and the information structure of spoken discourse.

In speech, intonation is the use of changing (rising and falling) vocal pitch to convey grammatical information or personal attitude. Intonation is particularly important in expressing questions in spoken example, take the sentence, "When does the meeting start?" The word "start"—including the question mark—rises up or comes up in your voice when you utter the word.

In linguistics, intonation is variation in spoken pitch when used, not for distinguishing words as sememes (a concept known as tone), but, rather, for a range of other functions such as indicating the attitudes and emotions of the speaker, signalling the difference between statements and questions, and between different types of questions, focusing attention on important elements of the spoken.

(English is in fact such a language, a property not visible in the simplified FOCUS gave a BOOK NEW to Mary. This is The Meaning of Intonational Contours in the Interpretation of Discourse.

In Intentions in Communication, ed. Philip R. Cohen, Jerry Morgan, and Martha E. Pollack, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press. intonational meaning across languages into a unified prosodic, semantic, and pragmatic approach (Prieto, ).

The study of the form, meaning, and function of the intonation, which concerns the investigation of the more extensive stretches within the level of the sentence is called discourse intonation (Vilches, ). Semogenesis, the creation of meaning, has been promoted by Halliday & Matthiessen () as a ‘guiding principle’ in their presentation of a systemic functional theory of language — that language has within itself the resources by which people can create new meanings.

Halliday & Matthiessen illustrated three processes of semogenesis and used an example of English intonation to illustrate. The tone, in turn, is the carrier of intonational meaning. That is to say, meaning that is conveyed by means of intonation evolves from the tonic segment of a tone unit.

Phoneticians have classified five typical pitch movements or tones, namely the fall, the fall-rise, the rise, the rise-fall and the level tones.

Nigerian English (NigE) prosody has often been described as strikingly different from Standard English varieties such as British English (BrE) and American English. One possible source for this is the influence of the indigenous tone languages of Nigeria on NigE.

This paper investigates the effects of the language contact between the structurally diverse prosodic systems of English and the. Forenames in Cameroon English speech. The International Journal of Language, Society and Culture, 23, Talla Sando Ouafeu Yves ().

Intonational meaning in Cameroon English discourse: a sociolinguistic perspective. Goettingen: Cuvillier Verlag. This book examines the interplay between prosody-stress, phrasing, and melody-and interpretation-felicity in discourse, inferences, and emphasis.

It presents the main phenomena involved, and introduces current formal analyses of prosodic structure, relevant aspects of discourse structure, intonational meaning, and the relations between them.

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Discourse Analysis in the Language Classroom. Vol. The Spoken Language. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press. Wennerstrom, A. Intonational meaning in English discourse: A study of nonnative speakers.

Applied Linguistics 15 (4), While the acoustic manifestation of intonational categories is very variable across speakers, the placement of linguistically relevant intonational events to express discourse functions (e.g.

Bob WROTE a book vs. Bob wrote a BOOK) is rather stable across the speech community (e.g. Pierrehumbert and Hirschberg, ). It is reasonable to assume. Yves Talla Sando Ouafeu, Intonational Meaning in Cameroon English Discourse, →ISBN, page Hyperlect represents the socially privileged marked RP accent, while paralect refers to the variety which is “very close to RP but [which] retains a few tiny non-standard features”.

Keywords: Discourse intonation, Non-interrogative utterances, Educated Nigerian speakers of English, Natural speech, Formalised rules Abstract Previous studies on English intonation have concentrated on its rule-governed patterns; people’s spontaneous utterance intonational choice characteristics are inadequately explored.

The discourse was divided into intonational phrases (i.e., major phrase boundaries) according to Pierrehumbert's theory of English intonation [PierrehumbertPierrehumbert & Hirschberg ] and the TOBI labeling system [Silverman et al.

Teaching discourse intonation with narrative Mike Beaken Brazil’s system of discourse intonation (DI) is critically appraised, and some that can be used effectively to teach the basics of English intonation, with a suggested method.

Introduction PriortoBrazil,Coulthard,andJohns n locating intonational meaning in the interaction. Most English course books provide some intonation practice, but you are more likely to find authentic and interesting examples of spoken English on the internet.

A good place to start is with some British Council podcasts. New from Cambridge University Press. The Language of Hunter-Gatherers Edited by Tom Güldemann, Patrick McConvell, Richard A. Rhodes The Language of Hunter-Gatherers "With its worldwide coverage, this volume serves as a report on the state of hunter-gatherer societies at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and readers in all geographical areas will find arguments of relevance here.".

Intonation units are an important component of American English pronunciation and speech. Then can be as small as a single word, or as long as a sentence and provide listeners important information about tone and meaning as well as guide discourse.

The interpretations that the grammar provides for such constituents correspond to the entities and open propositions that are concerned in certain discourse-related aspects of intonational meaning that have variously been described as 'theme' and 'rheme'.

'given' and. This paper examines the intonation of English statements and questions produced by Vietnamese speakers at two differing levels of proficiency. The goal of the study is three-fold: (1) analysing the final tunes and the prosodic structure observed in information-seeking questions, namely Yes-No question, Or-question, Tag-question and Wh-question, (2) evaluating which characteristics of the L2.

looks” in pronunciation teaching. This does not mean that there are not many remaining questions about a number of issues, and more 1 The focus of this discussion is pronunciation teaching and is not intended to include a review of research in areas of second language phonology.

2 The term pronunciation means different things to different. Discourse/pragmatics, with specific interests in pragmatic theory, information structure, intonational meaning, and reference/anaphora.

The Routledge Handbook of Systemic Functional Linguistics brings together internationally renowned scholars of systemic functional linguistics (SFL) to provide a space for critical examination of the key tenets underpinning SFL theory. Uniquely, it includes description of the three main strands within contemporary SFL scholarship: Halliday’s Introduction to Functional Grammar, Martin’s.Author:Kennedy, Zanne.

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